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Fort Ideas for Kids and Adults Alike

For many of us, building a fort was a staple of childhood. Whether it was a blanket fort, a pillow fort, or a cardboard fort, the process of creating a secret hideaway was a thrilling experience. As we grow older, however, the opportunities to build forts become fewer and far between. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. In fact, fort ideas inspire creativity and imagination and fort building can be a great activity for kids and adults alike. Building forts provide a creative outlet and a chance to spend some quality time together.

Here are some fort ideas to get you started:

Blanket Forts:

The classic blanket fort is a timeless favorite, and for good reason. All you need are a few blankets, some chairs, and a little imagination, and you’re all set. For a more elaborate fort, try using a clothesline or rope to drape the blankets over, creating a tent-like structure.

Pillow Forts:

Similar to a blanket fort, a pillow fort can be created by arranging pillows in a way that creates a cozy, enclosed space. This is a great option for younger kids who may not be able to handle the weight of heavier blankets.

Stick Forts:

If you’re feeling adventurous, try building a fort out of sticks. This is a great way to bring a little bit of the great outdoors into your home and to explore your creative side. To build a stick fort, gather a collection of sturdy sticks and use them to create a framework. Then, add in a few blankets or tarps for cover.

Cardboard Forts:

With a little bit of cardboard and some imagination, you can create a fort that is both functional and fun. Cut the cardboard into the shapes you need and then use tape or glue to put it all together. You can even paint or decorate your fort to make it truly unique. Using a Make-A-Fort Explorer Kit is another way to create a cardboard fort. The advanage of the Make-A-Fort is that it can be built and then stored away in its storage case so it is ready to use again at a later time.

Tent Forts:

If you have a tent, why not set it up in the living room and enjoy a cozy indoor camping experience? You can add in some sleeping bags, pillows, and lights to make it feel like a true camping adventure.

No matter which type of fort you choose to build, the most important thing is to have fun. Fort building can be a great way to bond with others, to tap into your creative side, and to enjoy some time in a cozy hideaway. Kids will have a blast creating their own unique space. So why not give it a try? Gather your supplies and start building!

Fort Ideas for Kids and Adults

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