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Fort Building 101: Building the Perfect Living Room Campout

Welcome back to Fort Building 101! In this edition, we’ll be showing how you can have a living room campout, an exciting adventure that turns your living room into a cozy campsite!

Setting Up Your Base Camp:

  • Choose an area in your living room to create a cozy campsite. 
  • Unbox your fort building kit. You can use either the Explorer Kit or the Minecraft Kit.
  • Using the panels and connectors, start assembling your base camp. You can delegate the task of building the walls, setting the roof, and enclosure. Everyone should take part in building the camp.
  • Or, you may check out our sample creations for inspiration:

Level-up Your Camp:

  • Add character to your camp by using paints, crayons, or markers to color the walls.
  • For added comfort, you can lay out blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags.
  • Add some lights, like twinkle lights or lanterns for an extra cozy atmosphere.
  • And finally, complete your camp by creating a personalized flag .

Fun Activities:

  • Storytelling by the “Campfire”:
    • Gather around a makeshift “campfire.” To create the campfire, you can use flashlights and put them over an orange cloth or battery-operated candles to create your fire pit.
    • Take turns sharing stories, creating a magical atmosphere around the campfire.
  • Starry Night Learning:
    • Cut out stars from colored papers or use glow-in-the-dark stickers to decorate the fort’s ceiling.
    • Take a moment to learn about constellations, sparking curiosity about the night sky.
  • Sing-Along Jam Session:
    • Bring in a small musical instrument to accompany the sing-along session.
    • Together with your friends or family, take turns in leading all-time favorite campfire songs.

“The Living Room Campout” is just one of the many adventures our cardboard fort building kit can unlock. Join us in the next installment of Fort Building 101 as we explore more exciting scenarios and activities to make your fort-building experience truly unforgettable!

We’d love to see photos of your creations, send photos and feedback to us at

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