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Crazy Forts: Promotes Endless Creativity

Building a fort needs creativity. In addition, children may use for building kit to create a large variety of unique structures. At an early age, they help to build skills that will be critical in real-life scenarios. Eventually, they can develop fresh and unique ideas that will creatively support them to fix any issues.

Crazy forts provide the flexibility to create different shapes for your kids. It consists of sticks and balls that form a structure when paired. You can build huge cubes or forts and cover them to complete the setup with a blanket or sheet.

The Crazy Forts original package is consists of 69 pieces. 44 brightly colored green plastic sticks and 25 purple balls are included. There are several slots in the balls where the fort building sticks can be fitted. If you want to get the other packages or build a huge structure, you can also join the pieces with another set of Crazy Forts like Crazy Forts: Flexy Forts, Crazy Forts: Glow In The Dark, and more. 

The fort kit is fairly simple to set up. Simply insert and twist the sticks into the slots to create a frame. Take note the ball should have the Crazy Forts logo facing upwards for the proper configuration. 

When it comes to construction efficiency and quality, the structure can withstand years of building a fort when placed together. The components are well made and form strong formations. It does not take much time to assemble the materials. There are enough pieces in the package to build a wide range of structures. Cool structures, including houses, castles, igloo, rockets, and tunnel caves, can be created. You can create your structures with creativity and imagination as well.

It is a fun activity that will keep children from five and older interested and amused. Children can improve motor skills and increase social interaction among themselves through the development of imaginative structures. 

Creativity is endless possibilities. To know more, here are the highlighted features of Crazy Forts:

  • Simple to build 
  • The components have outstanding build quality. 
  • It can be paired with extra sets. 
  • It develops children’s motor skills and social interaction.

Indeed, Crazy Fort makes endless creativity in building a fort. However, if you want to learn and get the best alternative fort kit that is simple, eco-friendly, provides creativity and high-quality, Make-A-Fort‘s fort building kit is a perfect alternative for you. 

Make-A-Fort: The Best Alternative

2 boys w 3 unopened build kits

A high-quality, durable and affordable fort kit is what makes Make-A-Fort building kit the best alternative. With this fort building kit, you can create different designs in your indoor place with a mansion fort, zigzag tunnel, zen house, and more. With its different building kits, your kid can create different designs as many as he likes!

One advantage of building a fort is it will keep your kid occupied for hours. Your kid will surely enjoy making a fort, which is safe, eco-friendly, and simple to build. Connect the velcro connectors to each piece and let the creativity of your child take over. The fort kit materials are made from a lightweight material that makes it easy for children to hold. 

We know that the Crazy Fort building kit offers just the same benefits as Make-A-Fort, but who wouldn’t want an easy, simple to use, affordable, and durable fort kit for your kids? We, as parents, want it. That is why Make-A-Fort ensures that the building kit matches the playing needs of the children.

This fort kit also doubles the fun by creating bigger structures. Simply add a sheet or a blanket over the frame after the installation is complete to complete the setup. To make it cozy, you can add pillows and other materials inside. After your kid is done playing, you can pack it in a short time, as simple as it is to build and keep it, occupying only a small space. 

Overall, the package has all the best features, making it the best kit on the market for fort building. Quality-wise, the product is as durable as the expensive alternatives on the market. The kit develops spatial skills, fine-motor skills, cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. Make a fort today that will enhance your kid’s imagination and creativity. 

Highlighted features of Make-A-Fort’s fort building kit:

  • Faux wood design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Environmental-friendly 
  • Easy velcro connectors
  • Snap-together construction
  • Enough space for several children
  • Free from toxic elements and BPA that are harmful

Building forts is a great activity that stimulates different skills from your child and challenges their imagination as they turn their space into a castle, tunnel, zen house, or hexagloo fort.

Now that you have an idea of fort building kits, we hope that this article has helped you narrow down your options and get the kit your child needs.

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